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Fishing on foot


Anyone is allowed to go fishing  but some rules must be observed:

  • it is authorised from dawn to sunset.
  • you are allowed to catch no more than 5 kg per day per person.
  • it is strictly for your consumption and you are not allowed to sell it..



  • only fish what you can consume.
  • do not fish the female egg-bearing crustaceans.
  • Leave big stones the right way up (seaweeds towards the light).
  • Do not use destructive tools.
  • Avoid any waste: please make sure you put your catch in salted water

Respect the minimum sizes :

Clams : 4cm Scallop : 4cm Mussels :  4 cm Razor clem: 10 cm
shrimps : 3 cm Oysters : 5 cm Cockle  : 3 cm Velvet crab : 6.5 cm


Surf casting fishing


The 240 km of Vendeen coast are a real playground for people who enjoy surfcasting (fishing by throwing a long line - 4.40m to 5m- with a lead weight so that you can throw further than 100m) You can surfcast in the daylight or at night, without any licence, within the regulations concerning the size of your catch.

In St Vincent, on the beach where the river Goulet ends, surfcasting will give you the opportunity to fish Bar, Bream and mullet .                

PECHE EVAS'YON : Lessons, training for all

Frédéric LECH
Tél : 06 22 02 38 19
E.mail :
Site :

Sea fishing

Come and learn how to fish in deep water, alone or with your family, in a motor boat, 5m60 (80 cv).

You will be shown various angling techniques : fly fishing, surface lures , etc...

The boats leave either from Jard or Bourgenay, depending on the tide time-table.

Contact  for tarif and booking:

Tel : 06 81 24 61 34
E-mail :

Boat trip and deep sea fishing on « L'Aigue Marine »

Leaving from Port Bourgenay , on board  « l'Aigle Marine », enjoy four hours of fishing, in pursuit of maquerel and other fish shoals, or enjoy just a boat trip towards the Pointe du Payré or the bay of Les Sables d'Olonne

Fishing trips: Departure at 7,30 a.m in July and August  (Weather, numbers and tide permitting) 

Réservation : 06 27 14 17 21
Site :



River fishing in Vendée

The river network in this area is large and varied : more than 4500 km of rivers and 1300 hectares of artificial lakes.

This class 2 fishing, with exceptional  paths will give you  access to the natural riches of the Vendee , through sometimes  unusual landscapes.

Along these rivers some picnic areas have been installed and will enable you to have a relaxing time with family or friends by the riverside.

For those who love nature and those who are passionate about fishing, some « wilder » places have been developed.

Frédéric,  fully qualified fishing guide, organises fishing activities , either along rivers or lakes, or in the sea.

For all the activities he offers, he provides the material and bait.

Pêche Evas'Yon : Lessons and training courses for all.
Frédéric LECH
Tél : 06 22 02 38 19
E-mail :
Site :

Fédération de Vendée pour la pêche et la protection du milieu aquatique :
Tél : 02 51 37 19 05
Site :

peche eau douce

In Saint Vincent sur Jard, fishing in the little river Le Goulet is very enjoyable, and a picnic area has been set up at the Clos Thorel with easy car access.

Lac Sorin-Finfarine, Poiroux (12 km) :

The river Le Payré successively meets the lake Finfarine (23ha) and Lake Sorin (14ha). This exceptional site offers many sites and fishing tracks in the middle of a steep wooded valley. It is also a popular place for family outings as trails that border the lakes are accessible and not too steep.  Recommended type of fishing: coarse fishing, predator fishing, carp fishing (fishing area at night).

Information and fishing licences for sale at:

Café "L'Etape du Tigre"
3 Rue Georges Clemenceau
85520 - St Vincent sur Jard
Tél. 02 51 33 41 97