Farmers markets

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Sunday Market


Come and stroll on Sunday morning around our summer market organised by the council. A large numbers of traders will be happy to welcome you by the town hall.

Tee-shirts and hats with the St Vincent sur Jard logo are sold there but you can also buy them at  the Tourist Office or the town hall

Local products market


Every Friday in July and August, by the church, local products are for sale: oysters from La Guittière, sea food, Vendeen wines, pineau from Charentes, goat cheeses, dried sausages and cured hams, various and orignal vegetables grown in sandy ground around La Tranche sur Mer, honey, hand made cordials, local pastries such as "Brioche", "Gâches" and "Fion" (see local products).

But you will also have the opportunity to see the achievements of some craftsmen:  Decorative items made from recycled materials, often recovered from the beach, jewellery in macramé, aerial photographs of the Vendée, paintings on wood, knitwear, bags , cabinetmaker who makes "customized" items or restores furniture, wood turner...

From 11 o'clock  drinks will be served (vendéen wine and brioche) in front of the Tourist Office . You will be welcome and we will take the opportunity to chat with you and get your comments.

Advent market


It is organised the last Sunday of November; between 20 and 30 exhibitors offer festive products and many activities are on offer. You will find roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and food served on site.


Local products

Tasted "in the old ways" or updated to today's tastes, our local products have become great ambassadors of our region and many of them have been awarded the "Red Label" which officially guarantees a superior taste and quality than for conventional products.

This label concerns the guarantee of quality for cured ham, pork sausages made in the old ways, various poultry (guinea fowl, capon, goose, turkey, free range chicken, quale, duck...) from the Vendée and more precisely from Challans, lamb, free range pork and beef, sardines from Saint Gilles, veal, vendeen brioche, apples, pears and mogettes (white beans) cooked the natural way. Excellent awards!

Brioche : In the old days this sweet bread was baked on Holy Saturday to be eaten on Easter Sunday or for  large family gatherings such as weddings and communions, the "pâcaude pancake", now called Vendéenne brioche, is now the best know product of the Vendée outside the department. We hope you will also enjoy the "gâche",very similar to Brioche, but made of a tighter dough. It is mainly composed of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and cream.

Préfou :very flat bread stuffed with salted butter and covered with chopped garlic, to be put in the oven at the time of the aperitif.

Troussepinette : Vendéen aperitif made ​​by macerating young shoots of blackthorn in wine and brandy.

Sea food and mainly oysters and mussels (In our markets you will find those of La Guittière and l'Aiguillon sur Mer ).

Fish and in particular sardines from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie: the sardine is the first and only wild fish to have won (in 2000) the prestigious Red Label.

Products from saltmarsh with coarse grey salt, fleur de sel and samphire (the Guittière, Olonne sur Mer or Noirmoutier).

Foie gras : Vendée is the 4th department in foie gras production.

Vendeen mogettes  (white bean) : The seeds of this white bean were brought back from South America in the 16th century and given to the vendeen monks who managed to make them grown in this different environment. For years these beans were the daily meals for farmers.

Ham : The success of real vendeen ham is due to the recipe used to cure it.  An aromatic preparation with salt from Noirmoutiers is applied before a short drying.

Bonnotte (potato): planted on Candlemas Day and manually harvested 90 days later, the potato from Noirmoutier is cooked and served on the best tables!

Fion  is a speciality of the Vendée that you will find on our Friday market stall of the company "Fournées de la Vie" . This small business based in Aizenay, manufactures pastry specialties from the Vendée:  brioche, gâche, fouasse, fion, préfou... in the traditional way. It took part in the "Vendeen products competition" in 2012  which awards the best products of the Vendée. The companie "Fournées de La Vie" got the silver medal for its brioche and the bonze medal for its gâche.

Wines from Fiefs Vendéens : Wine makers have shared 470 hectares of classified "high quality wine" vineyards in Brem, Vix, Pissote and Mareuil for a long time. They now enjoy the benefits of the AOC "Appellation Origine Contrôlée". Various wines from a wine maker in St Etienne du Bois "in the Vendée, but on the limit to the Loire Atlantique are on offer in the market.

Kamok : this coffee flavoured liquor, has been made in Luçon  since 1860; it was first made to please the Dutch sailors who loved coffee and came over here to dry the vendeen and Poitou marshes (Kamok is an anagram of mocha).