Other sites to visit in the Vendée

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The warm and flower covered islands of Noirmoutier and Yeu are the jewels of the Vendée seaside, with their pristine low white houses and colourful shutters       


Nicknamed the island of mimosas, Noirmoutiers is a paradise for nature lovers ... bluish saltmarshes, hot sand dunes and  scented woods ... In the Bois de la Chaise nestle typical whitewashed villas, covered with pink tiles.  Fishing ports and marinas  will no doubt make you forget that the island of Noirmoutier is linked to the mainland in two ways: the bridge and the ancient Passage du Gois ... a natural 4 km road, unique in Europe, linking island to the mainland during the hours of low tide.

Information on Passage du Gois : http://www.passagedugois.com/

ILE D'YEU (Fromentine 109 km)

The « Compagnie Vendéenne » offers crossings to the Ile d' Yeu from Fromentine - La Barre de Monts (opposite the Ile De Noirmoutier) and Saint Gilles Croix de Vie. Come and visit this lovely island. It is 17 km off the Vendée coast, and offers a real diversity of scenery, with on the one hand the wild coast and on the other hand the bustling port of Joinville.

See how to get tickets.


Tel : 0 825 139 085 (0.15€ ttc/min)

Site : http://www.compagnie-vendeenne.com/

cie-vendeenne ile-d-yeu

L'Ile de Ré (The Ile de Ré bridge is 100km away - La Tranche's pier 17km away)

This is one of the jewels of the Charente Maritime on the Atlantic coast. You can get there by road via La Rochelle and the bridge or by boat from the pier in La Tranche sur Mer, with Inter Island Cruises.


See how to get tickets.


Tel : 0 825 135 500 (0.15€ ttc/min)

Site : http://www.inter-iles.com/port-la-tranche-sur-mer-6.php


Close to the ocean, come and dive into the heart of the 7th continent. Enjoy a moment of  relaxation and discovery. More than 400 species in different themed aquariums.

Guided tours and fish feeding

Tel :

Site : http://www.aquarium-vendee.com/horaires-aquarium-septieme-continent-talmont-vendee

FARM ANIMALS (Avrillé 8km)

In 10 hectares of unspoilt ground, you will find a multitude of farm animals. From chicks to cart horses, all animals are in their natural habitats and live there all year around. In July and August, as well as looking at the animals, the park offers a walk through the woods with games entitled « Wild animal and nature » for young people or the not so young .

Tel :

Site : http://www.parc-animalier-les-animaux-de-la-ferme.com/horaires-et-tarifs.html


In The center of the town, opposite the old harbour discover one of Europe's largest private aquariums. For 2 hours, visit the heart of the ocean, meet over 12,000 marine animals, and let yourself be surprised by the biodiversity of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the tropics. In 3 million litres of sea water, from fragile jellyfish,... to fascinating sharks, it is a unique trip to contemplate and understand the Sea


Tel : 05 46 34 00 00

Site : http://www.aquarium-larochelle.com/pratique/acces-horaires



You will be offered a trip to the center of a mine as well as the visit to a Vendeen village which experienced coal mining for 130 years . There is a museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, showing housing for workers, foremen and management and a stained glass exhibition of contemporary work by Carmelo Zagari.


Tel :

Site : http://www.centre-minier-vendee.com/horaire.htm



Discover the 1001 secrets of the life of bees! Go into the Giant Beehive (interactive museum about the life of bees). During the demonstration entitled « Honey Bees » participate in opening a hive and making honey. From the age of 4, take part in a story play, visit and look at the Garden of the bees. For older children, there is a treasure hunt to find the lost hive.

Tel :

Site : http://www.finfarine.fr/index.php/informations-pratiques.html#dateethoraire

HARAS DE LA VENDEE (La Roche sur Yon 34 km)


Come and discover the relationship between Man and Horse. In the middle of La Roche sur Yon, there is a 4.5 hectare park for you to share your passion for horses and give you an insight into the making of horse shows, the riding of horses from all around the world and the know-how of saddlers and marshalls in national studs.

Tel :

Site : http://haras.vendee.fr/Infos-pratiques

HISTORIAL DE LA VENDEE (Les Lucs sur Boulogne 67 km)


In the heart of the wooded valleys, browse through 7,000 years of history in a contemporary museum: come and meet the first hunters of the Neolithic era,  chat with the great humanists of the Renaissance ...

The Historial presents an unusual educational , scientific museum, which makes  history fun and reachable to young people with a unique concept: the Children's Museum.

Tel :

Site : http://historial.vendee.fr/horaires_jours_ouverture.aspx

INDIAN FOREST (Moutiers les Mauxfaits 18 km)

100% exciting sensations. Leave the adults, this specially designed fort for children  will allow you to test your skills on very new experiences adapted to your age. Share with family and friends our numerous activities Dévalkart, maxi-zip, paintball, mini golf, fun-challenge, bungee jumping... The adventure continues!

Tel :

Site : http://www.indian-forest-atlantique.com/horaires/


Come and discover the magic of scented plants through an unusual walk in a listed garden. Allow 2 hours to visit this park which was awarded "Botanical Garden of France and Francophonie" in 1999.  3500 varieties are presented in  a succession of exotic atmospheres: cottage garden, tropical valley, Japanese garden, ...

Tel :

Site : http://www.lejardindesolfacties.com/infos-pratiques/horaires-et-dates-d-ouverture/

LOGIS DE LA CHABOTTERIE (Saint Sulpice le Verdon 69 km)

The Logis de la Chabotterie offers an evocative discovery of life in the countryside in the late eighteenth century. This is where General Charette was arrested in 1776. It is an important place that marks the end of the Vendeen Wars: 10 rooms with audio tour, enclosed garden, a show  about the Vendée uprising.

Tel :

Site : http://chabotterie.vendee.fr/Preparez-votre-visite/Horaires-Tarifs-et-Acces

MAISON DES LIBELLULES (Chaillé sous les Ormeaux 32 km)

Go in search of dragonflies! 400 m² of exhibition will enable you to discover this majestic insect and its environment, the Yon Valley. Outside, the garden offers opportunities to relax and observe. It is full of tips on making your own garden, wildlife friendly. Activities (nature walks) and events are available from March to October

Tel :

Site : http://www.maisondeslibellules.fr/info_pratique.php

MAISON DU MARAIS (Longeville sur Mer 6km)

You can explore the Marais Poitevin by boat or canoe. A 5 km sign-posted educational tour (about 2 hours duration) with explanatory signs about the flora and fauna every 300 m. With your family, experience the charm of the marsh canals. You will be given an explanatory   booklet at the end of this unforgettable adventure.

Tél :

Site : http://www.mairie-longevillesurmer.fr/fr/information/15360/maison-marais

MUSEE AUTOMOBILE DE VENDEE (Talmont St Hilaire 11 km)

Musée Automobile

Le Musée Automobile de Vendée vous invite à découvrir une collection commencée en 1939. La passion d'une famille pour la mécanique et l'automobile a permis de sauvegarder plus de 200 véhicules des années 1885 jusqu'aux prototypes du futur. 160 sont présentés dans un hall de 3300m², entièrement décoré par une exceptionnelle collection d'affiches et panneaux publicitaires d'époque. Reconstitution du garage (1929) de Gaston Giron, créateur de la collection.

Du 01/04 au 31/05 : de 9H30 à 12H et de 14H à 18H30

Du 01/06 au 31/08 : de 9H30 à 19H

Du 01/09 au 01/10 : de 9H30 à 12H et de 14H à 18H30

Tel :

Site : www.musee-auto-vendee.com

PARC FLORAL ET TROPICAL DE LA COURT D'ARON (Saint Cyr en Talmondais 20 km)

The floral and tropical Park of the Court d'Aron invites you to a world tour of botanical heritage. Perennial and annual plants from five different continents will challenge you, which no doubt you'll enjoy . Beyond the arches of bamboo, banana and palm trees from China, the Lotus from Asia will be in flower from July onwards. A tropical greenhouse of 340 m2, a Japanese garden, a Vendeen farm and a rose garden are amongst the lovely gardens you can visit at leisure.

Tel :



The garden offers more than 1,500 varieties of exotic and tropical plants, pumpkins and other squash. A botanical and educational walk in the shade of giant sunflowers. Sensory discovery of the pelargonium with the smell of coca-cola,  of the plant which tastes of oysters or of explosive gherkins..  You can taste the delights of the Extraordinary Vegetable Garden at the end of the visit.


Tel :

Site : http://www.potagerextraordinaire.com/informations-pratiques-SF14.html

SALT MARSH BY BOAT (Olonne sur Mer 30 km)


Discover the salty river. All aboard for two hours of an extraordinary journey to the heart of the Olonne marshes. Between sky and sea, salt and earth, a smooth boat ride takes  you to the Jardin des Salines where you will meet salt workers in  their working environment: you will be shown the  secret smugglers'  paths,  a feel good and adventurous trip, visit  the ancient land of salt and bird watching. In the old salt store, there is  an exhibition and sale of products from the marsh.


Tel :

Site : http://www.lessalines.fr/index2.php

VENDEE MINIATURE (Brétignolles 49 km)


Your visit will take you back in time. Discover this magical 1/10th scale with its horse drawn carts, workshops, stone houses, the rhythmic sound of the water mill, the town centre dominated by its impressive three metre high church and its shops. You will come across the steam train, a little steel monster which drives around the windmill. There are 650 figures which bring the Vendeen country village back to life. It took 15 years of toil to create this display ; Old and young alike will be entranced.

Tel :

Site : http://www.vendee-miniature.fr/pageweb.asp?pageweb=tarifs


The second most popular attraction in  the Vendée. The Zoo of Les Sables D'olonne  is an island of green in the town. In a natural and green environment, it is home to nearly 360 animals belonging to fifty endangered species: giraffes, pandas, lions, gibbons, and parrots. Enter the heart of the Oceania aviary and feed the colourful lorikeets. A pioneer in the world of zoos by its eco-friendly approach, the zoo des Sables has obtained ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Tel :

Site : http://www.zoodessables.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=31&Itemid=14&lang=fr

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