Natural Heritage

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Vue aérienne de Saint Vincent sur Jard

The pleasures of the sea in a beautiful little bay


Strolling along the coastal path from the Ragnette dune along the forest, you will be able to see the Pointe du Grouin  and  the lighthouse of La Tranche sur Mer but also the Ile de Ré with its "lighthouse of the Whales".



You can choose between three beaches                                                             

* la Ragnette,edged by dunes and forest;                                                                          

* Le Musée Clemenceau with a picnic area;                                                                       

* Le Goulet supervised in July and August by lifeguards

These beaches  have fine sand in the upper parts and rocks partially covered with sand, in the lower parts, depending on the currents. The "pools" of shallow water at low tide will delight young children if they wish to swim or catch shrimps, crabs and other shellfish.  In the summer, our beaches are cleaned every morning by local employees,  but you will find natural debris  brought from the bottom of the sea (algae, seaweed, driftwood, small crustaceans, shellfish). They are left on the  beaches when the tide goes out: it is not rubbish! For real rubbish various bins are available. , There are also ashtrays for cigarette ends (these take one to five years to disappear if they are left in the sand)                 


In winter, you can watch hundreds of Brant: these small geese have left the Nordic countries to spend several months on our beaches where they come to feed.

The forest


The forest of Longeville, which extends  to over 16 .5 km and 1230 ha is an important part of our village surroundings : many tracks and the 4.5 kilometres long footpath of Ragnette which is sign-posted and will give you the opportunity to walk under pine, oak and acacia trees.

The countryside


In our lovely countryside, you can see the river Goulet, as well as the dolmen of Grand Bouillac, and if you go a little further afield towards Jard, you can see the fish pools and towards Longeville it is the start of the Marais Poitevin. You can then discover the farmland criss-crossed by hedges and trees, between Saint Hilaire La Forêt and Avrillé as well as the beautiful Finfarine Lake in Poiroux.

The pleasures of the sea

The forest

The countryside